BaconReader, The Best Reddit App for Android

There are a lot of Reddit apps for the Android platform but on UltraLinx, we only like to publish posts on the best and most beautiful apps. BaconReader is one of them.

The app features a beautiful user interface, making the Reddit experience a lot better looking than even the desktop site itself. You get the full Reddit experience so you won’t miss anything from the desktop experience. You can view the front page, what’s hot, sub reddits, favourite, view profiles and of course upvote and downvote.

There’s a cool feature where when wanting to view images, you can stay on the reddit page, hit the preview button and the image will load up on the same screen, no having to go back on forth to look at pictures. If you love Reddit this is an app you can’t miss.

It’s completely free but has ads, if you want to get rid of the apps you just pay $1.99 from within the app and they vanish. You can now browse Reddit like a boss.

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