Spotify Physical Player


Spotify Physical Player

Jordi Parra, a Spanish Design student, has created a fantastic, physical Spotify Music Player. Based off gorgeous, classic design, the device look somewhat like a radio. However, don't be fooled: the device uses circular chips which are linked (via an RFID tag) to a specific song, artist or playlist; meaning that the chips carry no music files (it's all streamed from Spotify).

Parra claims that the design originated from a Radio in his kitchen and enjoys the simplicity of it - hit a button and it will start playing. None of the nonsense of unlocking and scrolling through menus. Parra also suggests that mixtapes could be reborn - a more thoughtful alternative to a giftcard and with this device, even easier to use.

Currently the device is a prototype, being needed to be plugged to a computer to function. In essence it works by sending the data from the RFID chip to the Spotify app on your computer and then playing the corresponding data. However in the future plans have been made for the device to be completely wireless, incorporating the use of a speaker and 'libspotify'(Spotify's software core).

Good news is that Nick Barkas, a Spotify Engineer, has teemed up with Parra to help design a future device. Nick will be in charge of code while Jordi tweaks the hardware. Even IDEO, will be helping Parra to make hardware changes that won't compromise on the design. I can't wait to see what they come out with!