Nokia Gem | Concept


Nokia Gem | Concept

The Nokia GEM is the latest gift from the Nokia Research Center, a bonkers blower that has touchscreens for every surface.

"There is no default appearance," enthuses senior design manager Jarkko Saunamäki on Nokia's blog. "If you play a lot of games it will usually resemble a games pad."

Apparently the Nokia GEM adapts to your most common tasks, and as such if you are a constant gamer the concept device defaults its appearance to resemble a game-pad. Furthermore there is a possibility of “ resizeable” QWERTY and numeric-keypad than can be pushed around the rear of the device whilst the user checks out details on the front, and apparently the flared appearance of the upper portion is an app carousel that is shuffled with the thumb and dragged down to the main display.

Interestingly, the GEM is shaped like an old-school Nokia blower rather than sporting the modern rectangular look you'll find on most smart phones.