Google Updates Search App for iPad, It's Amazing


Google Updates Search App for iPad, It's Amazing

Google have updated their search app for the iPad and when I say it's amazing, I mean it's amazing.

The app doesn't feature any brand-spanking new, never seen before features but instead makes the search experience a whole lot better and bloody faster too.

When you first open it up you obviously get the iconic Google logo and the search bar. Underneath you also get 4 links, these link to your history, Google applications, voice search and Goggles.

The app does have Google Instant, so as you start typing results will come up, guessing what you're trying to search.

If you sign in with your Google account you can go straight to your Gmail, Google Reader and more when you hit the applications button on the homescreen. I must say this is real neat because all your Google services are in one place, even if they are just web versions.

The main thing I was amazed by most was the voice search. I voiced in "how tall is the eiffel tower" and nearly instantly, and I mean nearly instantly, my result came up.

Now come on Google, when are you go to start making tablet friendly web versions of your services?