Long Distance Relationships Made Easier Because Of Tech | Infographic


Long Distance Relationships Made Easier Because Of Tech | Infographic

The times are changing! The intersection of the Internet, social networking, and constant connectivity via smartphones and tablets have launched relationships into a new era. While nearly all relationships have been dramatically altered with the advent of social networking, the area of long distance is particularly highlighted.

Couples separated domestically and internationally have traditionally had difficulty in maintaining their relationship for obvious reasons. The days of expensive overseas phone calls and snail mail have long been thrown out the window as the modern long distance relationship consists of frequent Skype calls and Facebook updates, among other technologies.

As a long distance relationship-er myself, I have equipped myself with the technologies to make the relationship work and thrive. Altering between living in the same timezone as well as being 12 hours ahead, I have picked up on a number of methods that keep the relationship going. Of course, these are entirely subjective, but I hope this serves to illustrate the point that anyone, warmed with a tailored set of gadgetry and connectivity, can use technology to maintain a relationship.

On the week days, I begin the morning IM-ing with her as she prepares for dinner. During the day, I use whatsapp to send texts and pictures of what I eat or to share anything interesting that I come across. We enjoy "Words with Friends" (available on iOS and Android for cross-platform couples) to challenge each other intellectually. During the weekends we find more time to Skype and to sneak in a game of Age of Empires 2 (classic!) over Gameranger. We also use Facebook and email to otherwise communicate and stay abreast of the lives of our common friends and acquaintances.

So set a routine of things to do with your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance. If you have a noteworthy app that will help our readers in their long distance relationships, share them in the comment section below!