Ice Cream Sandwich 'Nyandroid' Easter Egg Discovered | Video


Ice Cream Sandwich 'Nyandroid' Easter Egg Discovered | Video

A video of the 'Easter Egg' in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has finally been released. This egg comes in the flavour of the Nyan Cat - with a twist.

The Easter Egg of Ice Cream Sandwich can be found by clicking the version number in About Phone - thanks to 'BeatGringosEsq' - menu repeatedly just like in Gingerbread. After clicking the entry in the settings, a single Android with an ice cream sandwich for a body appears in the middle of the screen. If you hold this Android, it will grow and reveal many more Androids flying across the screen in true Nyan Cat style.

This Easter Egg was found in the system dump of the Galaxy Nexus by the Seven+ Android team. For more information about the discovery, have a look at their detailed blog post.

Here is a video of the Easter Egg in action: