Google Maps 6.0 for Android Released, Now Indoor Maps

Google have just released the latest version of Maps for the Android platform, entering into version 6.0.

With this new update comes a whole feature, indoor maps. With the new indoor maps feature you can find your way around the airport, shopping mall, retail store or other public places. This new feature will now be able to help you find the nearest toilet or the nearest McDonalds within an airport.

For the indoor maps to work, all you have to do is zoom into a building where indoor maps are available. The new version of the app can even distinguish what floor your on (note: this will only work with devices which have a barometer).

Below are some before and after pictures.

Google haven’t just stopped their however. They have also added a shortcut button at the top of the app, enabling quick access to the most used parts of Google Maps for Android, such as Navigation and Places. Things have also been redesigned a little to make the UI a little cleaner and finger friendly.

Obviously with the new indoor maps feature there aren’t many buildings available with indoor maps. Like Google did with the start of Maps, they will add more buildings over time.

There will inevitably be loss of GPS signal when in a building, therefore your device will have to rely on mobile and Wi-Fi networks on working out where you are. Getting your pin-point position may be difficult because of this so you still might not be able to work out where you are in a building.

Lastly because mapping every building in a city can take a hell of a lot of man power, money and time. The search giant has launched a self-serve service which allows businesses to upload blueprints of their buildings right to Google to make the whole process a lot quicker.


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