New Features Of Gmail You Might Have Not Known

If you didn’t know already, the new Gmail came out yesterday for everyone. The whole of Gmail got a makeover and everything is being made minimal and clean, Google’s latest trend.

But there are some new features of Gmail you might not have known about.

Conversation View

You now get a conversation type of view when looking at your emails. It’s more like instant messaging than emailing, making the whole experience more friendly and less formal. Profile pictures will be right in the conversation so you’ll know who is emailing you. Google have added a lot of padding and space around so you can concentrate on the content of the email.

Comfortable, Cozy or Compact

Google have added 3 new types of views. Comfortable being a lot more space around everything, cozy lessens the space around the content and compact puts everything a bit more closer so you get more content on the screen. Try out the three to find out which one you prefer.

HD Themes

Google have also added more HD themes. A lot more computer screens are HD or Full HD nowadays so Google is keeping with the times by adding high quality themes. I run a Full HD 1080p display and from my experience the themes are lot more crisper than before. To access the themes go to the top right of the screen and hit that little gear type image.

The search feature has had a big improvement. When looking for something specific you can really narrow it down, to what words the conversation it has in it and what date it was sent one. Finding that one email out of your 2000 should be a lot easier.

If you find any other features which people may not know, leave it in the comments below. Google sometimes doesn’t mention some hidden features.

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