The Classier Spotify: Deezer | In-Depth


The Classier Spotify: Deezer | In-Depth

Let's face it, we all love to listen to music, especially when it looks good. Deezer gives you this experience in a fantastic interface in any browser and on your smartphone. It really does seem to be the classier Spotify.

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Deezer has come a long way, breaking into a worldwide industry and finding great success.

20 Million registered users - 1.4 Million paying subscribers - 13 million tracks to listen to - 158 000 Followers on Twitter

Founded in 2007, Deezer aimed to bring music to everyone by allowing them to enjoy unlimited music wherever they are.

Deezer was the first music streaming service in the world, and unsurprisingly the idea was immediately met by its critics who believed that streaming could damage artists in the industry. From then on, Deezer fought to provide the best service to both its users and partner artists.

Deezer is partners with huge names in the music and entertainment industries - Sony, Warner and Universal Music to name just a few - meaning it can provide all of the latest and greatest music straight to you.

Deezer was launched in the UK just two months ago and has been met with great support. It offers an alternative to Spotify which was previously the only other big service to be available in Britain.


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Deezer's web app is simply a piece of fully-featured beauty!

Socially Aware

Deezer's web application has come a long way from the first version in 2007. It now offers charts and What's Hot features to let you see what others are listening too. Recently, it took this socially aware listening to another level. Now you can use Deezer with Facebook to share your music - if you would like to - with your friends via your Facebook Timeline. This social integration allows you to easily find the music you like.

The Classier Spotify: Deezer | In-Depth

Simple Interface

The Classier Spotify: Deezer | In-Depth

In the web app, controls and details about the current song are shown in a bar at the top of the page, dare I say, like iTunes. From here you can access the Mixing Desk and the rather beautiful full-screen interface.

Fullscreen Mode

The Classier Spotify: Deezer | In-Depth

The full-screen player allows you to navigate your playlists and popular music in a beautifully simple design. Each option appears as if in a three-dimensional space - your space. This fantastic idea makes the experience much more personal and allows you to escape the confinements of your browser.

Visually Stunning Search

Deezer Search

Another beautiful aspect of Deezer is its visual search. This is the place to be if you are looking to discover new music. You can find artists whose songs are currently being played on the Radio Channels or tune into channels directly from here. As you can see, artists photos appear in this tiled layout. You can hover over an artist to see their name, and after that, just one click will take you directly to a Radio Channel dedicated to their music so you can get right into it.

Radio Channels

The Classier Spotify: Deezer | In-Depth

If you don't feel like searching for music on Deezer, you have another option. You can tune in to one of the many available Radio Channels. These are varied by genre so you can listen to whatever you like, from Pop to Reggae. The Radio Channels interface is certainly to be admired. The large tiles of album artwork and smooth animations make it luxurious to the... click - it would be incredible on a tablet!

My Music

The My Music feature of Deezer allows you to look back at music you have previously listened to from search, recommendations or Radio Channels. It is the one place you can see your own playlists - which you can add to from anywhere in the web app - favourite tracks and albums and your friends favourite music. Also in this section is a rather nifty trends feature which allows you to track your music tastes as time goes on.


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Deezer Mobile provides all the goodness of Deezer no matter where you are.

So, you have favourited all of your favourite tracks and organised them into playlists, but you are going out. Don't worry! Deezer stays with you wherever you go with the Deezer mobile applications.


iPhone Screenshot 1


The Classier Spotify: Deezer | In-Depth

Home Screen

Deezer has both Android and iOS applications and both have a similar interface - a minimal window into your music world. The starting point in each application is the home screen. From here, you can navigate to What's Hot, Playlists, Albums, Radio, and your saved music. You can also see your community, the music you and your friends have shared.

What's Hot

In the What's Hot section, you can see the top tracks and albums in every thinkable genre. You can even see new releases and official charts.


The playlist feature quite simply allows you to view and play your playlists. From your phone, you can add songs and albums to your playlists and manage them. You also have the option to store selected playlists locally so you can access them without needing to stream. This is perfect for your favourite tracks!


The Deezer mobile applications allow you to save your favourite albums to your device too. Essentially, this means you will never have to pay for music again - you will always have your music wherever you are (if you choose to become a Premium+ member).


As in the web app, you can listen to Radio Channels based on genres or specific artists. In fact, your favourite artists are preprogrammed into the application so you can get listening with just a tap.

User Interface

The Deezer UI is very simple and easy-to-use. It allows you to quickly and intuitively carry out the most common actions with every page of the apps having consistently elegant designs with quite a retro feel to them. The applications leave nothing to be desired; they have it all.


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Great music at extraordinary prices; there's something for everyone!

The Classier Spotify: Deezer | In-Depth

Discovery Mode - Free

With Discovery Mode on computer or mobile device, you can listen to unlimited Radio and Smart Radio Channels. You also have access to 30 second clips of all music tracks on-demand.

Trial – Free

If you would like to try out all of Deezer's features for 15 days, you can! Sign up for the free trial with no payment due.

Premium - £4.99 per month

With Deezer Premium you gain access to unlimited streaming on any computer with enhanced sound quality. You can listen to full tracks and albums at no extra cost and in an ad-free environment.

Premium+ - £9.99 per month

Deezer Premium+ gives you access to every aspect of Deezer. You get everything in the Premium offer with additional support for both online and offline mobile access to on-demand content. Basically, you have access to everything, everywhere!


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It is perfect, just not for me.

The Classier Spotify: Deezer | In-Depth

I started using Deezer just over one week ago and have used it every day since then. I have explored all of the features in the Premuim+ version and have quite a lot to report back.

Firstly, I'd like to say what features of Deezer I used initially. I first discovered Deezer several months ago on the Android Market - before an English version was released - so I originally used it on my Android device.  I created an account and set about enabling the Facebook integration and starring my favourite albums to listen offline.

After I set my account up on my phone - I don't know why I didn't take the easy option and do it in the web app - I logged in on my computer. I then realised how simple Deezer's interfaces were across all platforms. I love the retro feel they have; the mobile apps' icon designs are particularly nice.

While I did find myself listening to the Deezer Radio Channels in the web app, I didn't use the on-demand listening features. I noticed that what I had done was star tracks and albums I had already purchased out-with Deezer. So, because I was saving the files anyway, there was no point in going through the Deezer application. I could just save the music files directly to my device, or better yet, access them from the cloud for free.

I have come to the conclusion that Deezer is not for me. I tend not to look for new music, but just listen to music I currently have. Therefore, I use Google Music so I can access my hundreds of songs without wasting any storage on my phone. Additionally, because Google Music is my daily music app, I did not waste space with third party applications. For me Google Music is good enough, but I understand this may not be the case for everyone.

If you like to discover new music and are constantly on the look out for the hottest new tracks, I do recommend Deezer. It is the perfect tool for music discovery and there are few apps out there with better user interfaces. The web application is also a huge plus for Deezer. It has every feature you could think of and, again, a brilliant interface.

I urge you to try Deezer for the free fifteen days and see if you like it. It's a great service with great applications - there's no reason not to.


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