Bentley Mulsanne, The Ultimate Tech Car Setup

Every tech junkie dreams of having an ultimate car setup right? Well if you’ve got the cash you may as well go get yourself a Bentley Mulsanne.

The wide array of tech surrounding you in the car will undoubtedly make long journeys fly by. The luxurious car features a 15″ LED screen which drops down from the ceiling of the car which has a leather back so it compliments the interior. There are head rest monitors on the back of both the drivers and passenger seats which are powered by a Mac Mini, that sits in the boot. There is a 20 speaker 2200 watt speaker system so you can make yourself deaf. The whole system is controlled by a wireless keyboard and trackpad which sit below the refrigerating compartment. Of course there is iPhone/iPod connectivity and a personal Wi-Fi network built-in. If you ever need a tablet, the car comes equipped with two iPad’s. If you want to write things down the old-fashioned way there is a custom-made Tibaldi pen which looks like something to activate a hidden bomb.

All the car needs now is a mini-gun and some missiles so you can live your life-like James Bond.

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