5 Great Google Easter Eggs, Google’s Hidden Tricks

Google Easter Eggs have been causing a stir around the internetesphere (yes I just made that word up) recently, even causing them to become trending topics on Twitter. We’ve got a list of Google Easter Eggs here which you might not know of and can impress your friends/co-workers with.

Chuck Norris

As my long time followers will know, I love Chuck Norris jokes and apparently so does Google. If you type in “Chuck Norris” then hit “I’m feeling lucky”, a page will appear stating the above.


This one is a good one to surprise your mates with. Next time a friend leaves his/her computer, type “tilt” into the search bar and the screen will shift to a slight angle.


Cut your boring office hours with a bit of Pacman! http://google.com/Pacman

Google Reader Ninja

Ever wanted a Ninja to pop up in your Google Reader? Well guess what there is a hidden Ninja in there. This one is a little more complex than the other Google Easter eggs out there. To activate it you have to key in a series of buttons: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A. Reminds me of the cheats you get on Grand Theft Auto.

Barrel Roll

The most recent one is the barrel roll. It became so popular that it ended up becoming a trending topic on Twitter. It’s one you have to try out yourself in Google. Just go to Google and type in “barrel roll”, then watch.

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