Zerply, The Better Version of LinkedIN, Connect With Pro’s

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If you’re like me and just don’t like LinkedIN because of the cluttered interface, the information overload and it trying to be a social networking site like Twitter and Facebook. Zerply has come to the rescue.

Zerply has taken the idea of a network of talented professionals and made it look great. The interface is very clean and modern but not being too playful to look unprofessional. Navigating around the site is enjoyable and the main selling point is being able to connect with people in your profession or hobbies.

When signing up, you can use Twitter or Facebook for easy account creation, and then you can import info from Facebook or LinkedIN so your profile is half way done within a few minutes.

Once you have completed the registration process you can add up to 5 tags which represent what you do or have done. On my profile I added Tech Blogger, Android Geek, Web Design, Reviewer and Design. You can only add a maximum of 5 so choose the ones which represent you best. You can then add up to 5 skills which you have. These tags and skills will be the basis of your profile and is what helps you connect with others.

You can add Twitter profile, Facebook profile, Tumblr, Skype and many others to your profile, making it easy for others to find you in different places. You can choose from 4 free themes for your public profile. It may not be much of a selection but I’m sure more will be added overtime.

Once you have completed your profile you can start connecting with others. You can add people from Twitter and Facebook but the neatest function is when you’re logged in at the home page. When at the home page you are presented with a stream. In the stream are other members of Zerply. You can organise these members by Similar To You, Near You, Recently Joined, All Users. You can connect right away with these people and check out their profiles. The stream is the feature which I personally feel really sells the network. There have been many ways to connect with like-minded people before but never has it been this easy. Being able to choose from people who are similar to you or near you can actually have great benefits if you’re looking for employment, employing or just wanting to work and connect with like-minded people.

I 100% recommend Zerply over LinkedIN. The network is a lot more inviting then many others out there and I’m sure will attract many users due to the simplicity of the site. Less is more really works well here.

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