Uncharted 3 BETA Key Giveaway - PS3


Uncharted 3 BETA Key Giveaway - PS3

IGN has teamed up with PSN to give exclusive early access to Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Only 10,000 key's are available the quicker you are the better. Uncharted is an award-winning game series which is exclusive to the PS3.

How To Get Your BETA Key

To claim your BETA key head over to FilePlanet.
You will need to make an account, if you haven't already, this is a quick process.
Once you have got the code, go to your PS3 dashboard, go to "Account Management", then "Redeem Codes" and enter the code.

I can confirm it works because I have just got a key myself by following the process above.

It says the offer is only available to the UK but you may as well give it a try if you don't live in the UK. If you want it real bad, you could even make a UK PSN account and see if it works.

Remember, there are only 10,000 available so be quick!