TweetMag for iPad | Screenshots

TweetMag is a social magazine that reduces the noise that often plagues Twitter. It transforms Twitter into beautiful magazines of articles and media that people are tweeting about most. It’s like making a personal editorial team out of the people, lists and tags you follow.

It’s not just for your own feed either. TweetMag’s curated categories make it easy to explore and discover content outside your social network. Interested in tech gadgets? Check out a list, a user or company that tweets about it. Want to catch up on breaking stories? Load a TweetMag of your favorite news organization. The possibilities and content streams are only limited by your interests and imagination.

It takes discovery further by letting you see the TweetMag of anyone you like. Just tap on a username, load their mag and you’ll instantly see the articles and videos they’ve been tweeting about. TweetMag also lets you save as many favourites as you like. Just tap, hold and drag them to your rack for easy access from anywhere inside the app.

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