Sony Ericsson Teams Up With CyanogenMod


Sony Ericsson Teams Up With CyanogenMod

What do you do when you can't beat them? You join them. With Android hackers being able to root nearly Android device out there even with manufacturers trying to block them, manufacturers are now starting to team up with the hackers.

Sony Ericsson have teamed up with CyanogenMod to help them bring out custom ROMs for their devices, making Sony Ericsson phones root friendly.

CyanogenMod have announced that they will fully support 10 Sony Ericsson Android phones, including devices such as the Xperia Play, Arc, Neo and X10. Both the CyanogenMod team and Sony Ericsson will share knowledge on the Android platform, sharing tricks and quirks which Sony Ericsson may not know themselves. Sony Ericsson will share their coding with CyanogenMod to help speed up the development of custom ROMs for the phones.

Here is what Sony Ericsson had to say:

Overall, we do think the initiative to support these independent developers is a way for Sony Ericsson to show our support to the open developer community. We truly hope to make a difference in the world of Android.

This a strategic move by Sony Ericsson and will hopefully help boost the sales of their devices, with Android devs more likely to purchase the root friendly devices.