Smellit Consumer Smell-o-vision


Smellit Consumer Smell-o-vision

Ever since people started to enhance (cinema) 3D films with effects such as smell, consumers have longed for the same experience in their homes, Smellit may be that experience.

Smellit is a Video & Game Entertainment Device that brings smell to your video game and home cinema experience. While I've never really wanted smell in video games (I can't really see how it would enhance gameplay much), I wouldn't mind it during some TV programs and Films, say Masterchef (or any other cooking program) for example.

Of course other considerations will need to take place too, how will one receive the signal to produce the correct smell? Will it only work on Optical Media where a 'smell file' could be stored?

Olf-Action will be featuring the potentially industry changing product at Lisbon Design Show 2011, hosted between the 11th and 16th October. Look out for more news then!