Samsung Smashes Apple At Q3 Smartphone Sales


Samsung Smashes Apple At Q3 Smartphone Sales

In Q3 2011 Samsung have overtaken Apple at smartphone sales, making Samsung the biggest smartphone seller in the quarter.

The statistics come from Strategy Analytics which found that Samsung sold 27.8 million devices, Apple sold 17.1 million and Nokia sold 16.8 million. That's a huge difference with Samsung selling over 10 million more than Apple.

Samsung Overtake Apple Table

From the table above we can also see that Samsung has nearly captured a quarter of the market in Q3. This huge growth is most likely due to Samsung's new flagship device, the Galaxy S2. And Apple may have fallen short due to consumers waiting for the iPhone 4S.

With the ongoing patent battles between the two companies, Samsung will feel as though they have now got the edge over Apple.

Q4 results might show a totally different story due to Apple selling over 4 million iPhone 4S' within 3 days.