ObjectDock, Mac Like Dock for Windows


ObjectDock, Mac Like Dock for Windows

ObjectDock is a great little Mac like dock for your Windows PC. It's a program I use all the time on my PC and have it running in the background. It gives me quick access to my most used programs, instead of having to go through the Start menu and all the folders to find a specific program.

If you're like me and like to always have a clear desktop you can have the dock hide-away at the side of the screen. To make it re-appear you hold your mouse at the edge of the screen for a short or long period of time, it can be adjusted, for it to show again.

You can also customize it, changing icons and dock backgrounds. There are many dock backgrounds all over the web for this program and you can find icons literally anywhere.

Adding programs to the dock is as easy as drag and drop. To remove you just grab hold of a program and move it away from the dock. A nice little animation shows the program vanishing in a puff of smoke, very cool.

It's a great program with a great UI and lovely animations. It's also completely free. You can buy a paid version which adds more features but I've never had the need for the extra features.

For anyone wondering, that little Gmail and weather icon is from a program called Pokki, another amazing Windows program.