Nexus Prime Making A Shy Appearance - Leaked Image


The widely awaited next instalment to the Google Nexus phone line will also be the launch of Android's latest iteration, Ice Cream Sandwich. While little is currently known about the Nexus Prime a few specs have leaked with the image, thanks to GSM Arena.

We can expect a 720p resolution on a 4.6" Super AMOLED screen, providing a pixel density of over 320ppi; the effect is stunning (the text is so crisp). Also it seems that along with Ice Cream Sandwich we lose hardware buttons, which are now displayed on screen as touch buttons.

On October 11th Google & Samsung have a join event where we may see the launch or further details of the Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich. Just a few days after the Apple announcement later tonight. The Nexus Prime, manufactured by Samsung, will certainly be in the running for my next Android phone!

Nexus Prime Making A Shy Appearance - Leaked Image