Motorola Making A Comeback With The Droid RAZR?


Motorola Making A Comeback With The Droid RAZR?

There are some leaks all over the web about an invitation that was sent out by Motorola public relations in regards to a big event on October 18, and things are looking golden for Android lovers everywhere.

Google has recently acquired Motorola with the suspected intent of making them their main milestone phone developer for the Android market. Google may be branding their own products similar to how apple remains to be a huge part of the market with only one line of phone products, being the iPhone.

The phone is rumored to be called the Motorola RAZR or Spyder. I remember the time where Motorola dominated the cell phone market with their original Razor. Even my grandma was rocking a hot pink Razor with 200 texts per month.

The rumored specs include a 1.2 Ghz dual core processor and the much anticipated 4.3 inch Super AMOLED that we've all seen on the previous Samsung phones. Also included is 1 GB of RAM, 960x540 resolution and an 8 MP camera.