iPhone 4S - All You Need To Know


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As you must know, Apple’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event took place this evening and, as it turns out, few of the rumours about the new iPhone were true.


Apple announced the iPhone 4S – not the iPhone 5 – at the end of the keynote by Tim Cook. The previous successes of the range of phones were listed and new features were presented; let’s get right into the news!

iPhone 4S - All You Need To Know

Firstly, these statistics were provided by Flickr and they certainly back up the statements of the iPhone 4’s success. They show that the camera of the device is what set it apart from the competition and Apple recognised this.

So, the popularity of the iPhone has been growing, but why is this? Apple seem to think it is partially because of the design of the original iPhone 4 as they have tactically decided not to change it at all. The 4S appears exactly like the original device, however it has been improved at heart.


The new device houses Apple’s A5 processor – developed by the company for the best performance on their devices. This new processor allows the device to run much faster than before, especially when it comes to gaming. The device can now run graphics up to seven times faster which was demonstrated by an upcoming release of Infinity Blade. The game was run in real-time on a real 4S - the crowd applauded the improvements.

Not only the speed of gaming, but the speed of networking is improved. The iPhone 4S is capable of 4G HSDPA speeds with an uplink of 5.8 Mbps and a downlink of 14.4 Mbps. This is fast enough to compete with the best devices out there... if your network supports it.


As I said before, Apple has recognised that the camera is important to users to has made massive improvements to their latest device. The new phone’s camera includes 1080p video recording, video and image stabilisation, and noise reduction. iOS 5 - to be released with the iPhone 4S – also improves camera software to enable all of the features of paid alternative camera apps available in the App Store in the stock app. This includes gestures and powerful image editing.


The battery of the 4S has also been improved with it now providing up to 14 hours talk time and tens of hours of media viewing. This puts it above most of the competition.


Next up, Assistant! This is a new part of iOS – only available on the iPhone 4S. It allows voice actions to be carried out which are much more advanced than anything else on the market – including Android’s famous Voice Actions. The first part of the Assistant is the application which allows users to simply speak a question or command then see it carried out in one interface (e.g. “What’s the weather like?” or even “Will I need a rain-coat today?”). These are very powerful and the live demo was very speedy. Here are some further examples:




The second part of the Assistant is dictation. The ‘Dictation’ button can be found on the keyboard meaning it can be used in any text field. It allows quick input of text by voice assuming a reliable data connection is established. This makes it so much easier to input text, but most other platforms do already have the feature.


Now on to price - a big issue with Apple and the iPhone; on a two-year contract, the 16GB version costs $199, the 32GB costs $299 and the 64GB version – yes, Apple have made a 64GB iPhone 4S – costs $399. If price is an issue though, the original iPhone 4 is now being sold for RRP $99 for the 8GB version. This is an alternative to the rumoured low-spec version.


If this sounds like your dream phone, you are probably wondering where and when you can get the device. The answer is almost everywhere on the 14th of October with pre-orders starting on the 7th. The device will be available in over 70 countries - probably including yours - and on over 100 carriers.


To recap, the iPhone 4S brings new camera and video functionality, higher network speeds, a faster processor and the voice Assistant. Other releases like iCloud and iOS 5 will improve the device even further and following software updates should keep the device modern, even in the years to come; just like the original iPhone 4.

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