Honeycomb & Android Market Coming To Google TV


Honeycomb & Android Market Coming To Google TV

Google TV should be receiving an update very soon, giving owners Honeycomb and access to the Android Market.

Google TV launched in October 2010 and was touted to be the next step in what we use our TV's for, well unfortunately it didn't go well for Google. The company said it would have access to the Android Market in early 2011, that didn't happen. This was most likely due to legal issues like streaming unlicensed video to your TV.

The update will bring the Honeycomb interface, touched up a bit to suit a TV. You'll know be able to rent or buy TV shows or films from the Android Market and watch them right on your TV.

With the software being a proper Android experience, you will be able to search for stuff right from your TV, from the comfort of your sofa.

Photos in your Picasa albums will be available to view on your TV also, making it a great big slideshow.

With this update there will be a lot more functionality added to your Google TV. Like they say in the videos, it is nearly an all new Google TV. It's a great leap forward and will most likely entice people who already love their Android devices or Google services.