Google Music Downloads Leak


Google Music Downloads Leak

It now appears that Android smartphone users have been seeing this new dialogue when they try to access the Google Music cloud storage locker to access their music.

Google Music currently only allows its users to upload their music and access it on the go on their Android phones for streaming or downloading, but this new webpage appears to suggest that the service is about to be enhanced.

The new page states that users can now "Shop millions of songs in Android Market". This is a clear indicator as to the direction in which Google is going. It appears that the hyper-search-engine company are moving in to attack Apple's iTunes - the App Store has already met its match. Google will be entering a fierce market with iTunes, Spotify and other companies already in constant competition so will have to have a slick and easy-to-use service prepared to show its users.

This new leak and further evidence produced in the past few days suggest that Google is on the verge of creating an entirely different aspect of its company for customers to enjoy. The ability to buy music from the 'Google Music Store' is expected to be launched in the next few weeks - possibly along with the launch of the Galaxy Nexus Ice - so stay tuned via our RSS feeds and we'll be sure to bring you all of the latest news first.

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