Google Movies Launched in UK


Google Movies Launched in UK

Shortly after expanding its Books service to Android users in the UK, Google has launched its Movies service in the country. The service works much the same as in the US; the only reason for a delay in the release on this side of the pond was due to copyright agreements.

Now Android users can find films in the Market and download them via the Videos application which has also been released in the UK. Currently, films are only available to rent  but, prices start at just £2.49 for hits such as Harry Potter, The Bank Job and Reservoir Dogs and recent releases can be purchased for £3.49.


Once you have rented a film with Google Movies, you have 30 days to begin watching it and 24 hours to complete watching it after you start. This rental period and conditions are good enough to rival services such as iTunes and Sony's recently released Video Unlimited service.

This update to Google's UK services comes just after it began paid film rentals on YouTube. It is strange to see that the services have not been combined; Google Movies for Android can only be accessed via the Android Market and YouTube rentals are kept on YouTube - perhaps this could be an interesting advance in the future.

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