New Google Plus Features Added, Popular Posts, Photo Editing & More


Google Plus Is Full Of Men!

Google have just added some nifty new features to their social network, Google+.

What's Hot

The first new feature is "What's Hot". You will find the What's Hot button on the left hand side, under your notifications button. When you click on this it will show you the most popular posts on Google+ right now. What I've found from clicking on the button is that it's not always about how many +1's a post gets, re-shares also matter. It takes both the statistics into account and I found a post with only 6 +1's but 173 shares. It will come up with content from all sorts of people so it's a good way to find new people to add to your circles.


Ripples is a new feature which stats for post in a visualizing way. You find a public post and then just hit the "View Ripples" button. It will bring up a whole new window showing stats behind the post, for example how many times a post was shared by a specific person. It's a good way to find who are the top influencers on the social network and in-depth stats on a specific post.

Creative Kit

The last main feature is the creative kit, a name which Google have given to the built-in editing software in the social network. You can do things such as add filters, crop pictures, rotate, adjust exposure and more. It makes editing pictures for anyone a walk in the park. No need for software like Photoshop which can be confusing to the average consumer.