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Google Books Infinite WebGL Bookcase

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Google Books Infinite WebGL Bookcase

While it doesn't quite live up to Google's Android announcement Google's new 'infinite bookcase' is a pretty nifty WebGL demo featuring an endless helix which can smoothly be scrolled around, either by drag-clicking or scrolling with the mouse wheel.

It features books from the Google Books service which recently launched in the UK and even though not all are present (10965 at the time I checked) the book helix does really seem endless. It can easily be sifted through by selecting a category or genre at the top of the screen. When selecting a book you will be presented with synopsis, the option to buy via Google books and the ever handy QR Code for easy mobile access.

Even if you don't have an interest in Google Books, the bookcase is worth checking out as a WebGL demo; it's great to see how well it performs and what web graphics we can expect standard in the future. You'll need to be running a modern web browser with OpenGL support to test it- Google Chrome will definitely work.