Famous Noses Turned Into Teenage Mutant Ninja's


Famous Noses Turned Into Teenage Mutant Ninja's

Probably one of the oddest, funniest and "it actually works" form of art. These pictures all have famous people noses turned into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They all come from a Tumblr which at the moment has no description of who the designer is, I'm guessing they're trying to stay anonymous. Nevertheless it's definitely going to make a few people laugh out loud.

Royalangelo  Jeroen van N

Any of you interns order the meat lover’s pizza with extra penis?  Jim Keaton

Shredder wins.  michael jason enriquez

Be the ninja nose you want to see in the world.  Hannah Sherman


Deadly Performance Enhancement

But with a ninja on your face, you live longer.  Darren Hughes

“Am I not turtley enough to be in your turtle club?”  John Martz

You’re still not Michael Jackson.  Justin Rodriguez

Her nose is Leonardo. All the boys are Rocksteady.

Her sister’s is probably hotter.