Facebook for iPad Now Available...Officially


How To Get The Official Facebook for iPad App Now [Log-In Hack] [Download]

After much delay, hacks and Mark Zuckerburg saying there will never be an iPad version of Facebook, the official Facebook for iPad has been released...only in the US for now. I tried searching for it in the UK Appstore and couldn't find it.

The app has made complete use of the large screen on the iPad, taking advantage of every pixel. It has the two pane view which you get in a lot of iPad apps now, so you can access everything quickly without having to keep going back and forth. However there is one major new feature which is also in the iPhone version. The Facebook apps now support Facebook apps, allowing deeper integration into the Facebook experience.

Is the Facebook for iPad available in your country? Let us know, in the comments below.


Just found out that it's not on the Appstore yet anywhere but the app will be out today.