Ice Cream Sandwich & Galaxy Nexus Round-up


Android Ice Cream Sandwich on Tablets | Editorial

A quick round up of all the Ice Cream Sandwich & Nexus Prime/Galaxy Nexus leaks.


The Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich launch event is rumoured to have been rescheduled for the 27th of October. The event is now expected to take place in London after being cancelled at CTIA out of respect for the passing of Steve Jobs.

Nexus Prime Release on 27th October?

Android Ice Cream Sandwich on Tablets | Editorial

Ice Cream Sandwich will be supported by all devices, including tablets, and will become the universal mobile software of Google, an UltraLinx author theorises. Even the initial announcement at Google IO in the summer supports this theory - we'll see what happens.


Twelve gorgeous wallpapers from Android Ice Cream Sandwich were leaked. The wallpapers range from shots of nature, like this green leaf, to the more modern, like the wallpaper which appeared in the leaked Galaxy Nexus video and screenshots.

12 Wallpapers From Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Android Market 3.2.0 | Download

Android Market 3.2.0 - the version to be found in Ice Cream Sandwich - has been leaked. This version is said to be unstable but does offer some interesting and attractive UI improvements.

Google Plus 2.0 From Android Ice Cream Sandwich | Download

Google Plus 2.0 has been leaked. This version of the application - the version thought to go along with ICS - has a few updates to Huddle or Messenger - or Chord - with it gaining a few new names depending on the region you are in. The UI of the app is also being changed, but this isn't a final build so it's not very attractive.

Google Music 4.0.1 – What’s New

Google Music 4.0.1 has been leaked. The new version to be found in Ice Cream Sandwichhas a whole host of new features including a new UI to match the glowing blue holographic design of ICS and Honeycomb. The release also improves landscape functionality and the layout of the Now Playing screen in the application.


The Samsung Unpacked Google Episode, at which the Galaxy Nexus and ICS were supposed to be announced, has been postponed due to the unfortunate passing of Mr Steve Jobs. Both Apple and Google made the brave move out of respect for the man who did so much for the industry. An official new date and location for the event is still to be announced.

Nexus Prime & ICS Event Postponed

A video of the Galaxy Nexus - AKA the Nexus Prime - has been leaked. The video clearly shows some of the features and specifications of the device and the appearance and design of Ice Cream Sandwich. Along with this leak came several screenshots of ICS. It is a very well orchestrated leak indeed and it would be surprising if Google wasn't involved.

Nexus Prime Showing Itself Off With Android Ice Cream Sandwich