360 Degree Throwable Ball Camera


360 Degree Throwable Ball Camera

Why take just one picture when you could be taking 36 at the same time!

36 Cameras have been strategically placed together within a foam ball allowing the user to take 360 degree panoramic images without any risk of camera damage. The built in accelerometer means that the image is taken at the cameras peak, so you can get the best view of the area. The software built into the ball can automatically stitch the images together for direct copying to your PC via USB.

The images, when viewed in the included desktop software allows the user to fully navigate, zoom and explore, viewing the freeze frame of everything around them (the below video shows this off well).

The major negative to the device is that each camera is only 2MP - slightly disappointingly low, but it will help to keep costs down.

Currently the creators have their camera ball as a patent pending so we may see future editions with higher end specs. It's also not available for purchase yet, but keep an eye out here for updates.