Zombies, Run! - Forthcoming iOS & Android App

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Zombies, Run! - Forthcoming iOS & Android App

Zombies, Run! is a forthcoming app which will first debut on iOS and later next year on Android. As the name suggest the game is both focused around Zombies and Running and it looks like a great way to enhance your running sessions.

Unlike other Zombie map style games, Zombies, Run! also has a major sound element so you don't need to look at your screen while running. While you play your phones music playlist you will also receive parts of the story through 'radio messages' and voice recordings. Alternatively you can alter the messages to appear at time, distance or burned calories intervals. Said messages will help you build up the story of the post apocalyptic world you will be running in. For 'Season 1' there is a reported 30+ 'unique' missions, each lasting 20-30 minutes each (a perfect time for a morning or evening run).

As you run you will pick up items such as batteries, ammo and medicine. These are used for the game element. When your run is finished you can distribute the collected items to sections of your base. You will need to choose tactically so the zombies don't break in to your base.

The project is also looking for fan donations to fund the development. There are a number of incentives for donating. Not only will you get the game free ($10 donation or more) but you may get to name items, create a custom mission or claim personalised swag. Extra money will be put forth into funding additions to the game such as celebrity voice actors!

In the future I'm sure it would be easy enough for Six to Start and Naomi Alderman to revise the model for different theme: to appeal to a different audience, e.g non-zombie game fans.

This seems like an excellent way to enrich my morning runs, it's far more interactive than anything out there on the Android or iOS platform at the moment, I'll definitely buy it on release day!

Zombies, Run! on Kickstarter

Here's a video from the Six to Start (developers)