Windows 8 has 'Friendly' Blue Screen of Death

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Windows 8 has 'Friendly' Blue Screen of Death

The Windows 8 Developer Preview,  released last night, included many interesting features. However, the new on-screen keyboard, Explorer 10 and other improvements were not what was on the tips of bloggers' tongues today.

The new Blue Screen of Death, seen on the left, has had a make-over. Lipstick on, blusher; check! This new interface appears to be far from the functionality-orientated  Microsoft we all know; almost 'girly'.

Perhaps this friendly design is going to appear throughout Windows 8- I can only imagine the new, sparkling and luminous command prompt.

Windows 8 is expected to be a feature-rich, elegant and stylish OS and I can't wait to see what the final super fast version looks like. One thing if for sure, it will be a great improvement on an already desirable Operating System.

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