Universal WP7 Status Bar for Android!


Universal WP7 Status Bar for Android!

A new revolutionary application has been developed by the Seven+ Android co-operative!

The application is a WP7-styled status bar that will work on any Android device, with or without a root or ROM. This could be the start of a new era of Android customisation- no more rooting and pushing zip files from a computer. Just install.

Universal WP7 Status Bar for Android!
Universal WP7 Status Bar for Android!

The official release of the application was announced with this article:

Today marks the initial release of StatusBar+, the first custom status bar for any Android device, with no need for a custom ROM or root privileges. StatusBar+ follows your device anywhere on any application, and includes a number of features include color manipulation, click to drop, automatically disabling swipe to expand the system status bar when the screen is turned off and when the device is unlocked, automatically launching on boot, and more coming soon!

With that said we need to point out that this being the initial release of alpha zero, there will be bugs! Before you purchase StatusBar+ check out StatusBar+ Lite to ensure that it functions on your device, and if you run into any issues please do not leave a comment on the Android Market, rather send me an email stating your device, ROM (if applicable), and any other relevant information and we will do my best to fix the issue. Also, the custom status bar remains even in full screen applications. There is simply nothing we can do about this because there is no API for accessing this information. While this status bar does not drain the battery on the devices tested we cannot ensure that it will not do so on yours. Do let us know your thoughts in comments below.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that it is open source! Head over to Tom Barrasso’s StatusBar+ repository on GitHub! Unfortunately this does not mean that the WP7UI Android Library Project will be open sourced, but if developers are interested in learning exactly how this custom status bar was accomplished check out the source. It might even be possible to create a theme-engine driven custom status bar! The source code is released under the Apache 2.0 License so it is free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute!

I cannot wait to see what sprouts from this idea, but what has certainly been proven is that the Seven+ Android team are very capable of creating applications that it may before have been thought impossible to create.

You can find out more about the Seven+ Android co-operative at their website.