Top 5 Camera Apps for Android


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Top 5 Camera Apps for Android

With cameras in literally all Android phones why not take advantage of them and use them to their full potential with the top 5 most popular camera apps for Android phones.

Note: In no particular order


FxCamera is personally my favourite camera app for the Android platform. It also seems to be popular with other Android users because it has clocked in over 10 million downloads. It doesn't have as many effects or options as some others out there but the effects that it does come with are great. Also it's completely free, not like some others out there.


Vignette is one of the most feature rich out of all the camera apps out there for the Android platform. It has over 84 different effects and 59 frames so you can frame your masterpieces. It also supports full resolution of your camera, unlike FxCamera.

Retro Camera

Retro Camera, as you guessed it, takes retro style pictures. There are 5 sets of effects which will add cool retro and vintage looks to your pics. The only thing I don't like about this app is the small view finders.


Camera360 is just like Vignette but it isn't as popular. It doesn't have as many effects as Vignette but the UI is lovely to work around and use. Just make sure you close the app properly so it doesn't eat up your battery in the background.


PizPlz is the Instagram for Android, but it just didn't blow up like Instagram. It's a photo sharing network where you upload pics to share with your followers. It allows you to take pics and then import them, add effects then upload.