Top 5 Apps for Root Users


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Top 5 Apps for Root Users

After rooting your Android device it can be confusing what to do next. Well we have five apps here which will take advantage of your device once you have rooted. There all apps which will make your Android experience more productive and generally better.

Rom Manager

After rooting your device you can apply custom ROMs. If you do not know what a custom ROM is go here. A great app which will provide you with ROMs is ROM Manager. It has an array of ROMs for many different devices. You can use the app to download a ROM directly to your device and then apply it without having to use a computer.

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is an app which you should get without question if you love your apps. This app will backup literally everything on your Android device to your SD card. Crucially it can backup all your apps and settings so when you apply a new ROM or reset your device you can just restore everything to its original state. Make sure to get the PRO version for access to all the features. With the PRO version you can also backup all your stuff to your Dropbox.

Root Explorer

Root Explorer is a file manager which lets you access every nook and cranny of your device. It lets you access files which would usually be blocked when you haven't got your device rooted. It's the best app to access all those hidden files. It lets you even go right into apps and modify them but this is usually for experienced Android users and devs.


Once you have applied a ROM you may also apply a kernal which lets you overclock your device, making it faster and more powerful. This app makes the process of overclocking and underclocking your phone easy. However always be careful with this app because overclocking your device and leaving it overclocked for extended periods of time can make your device extremely hot and kill your battery.


After rooting your device you will want to find how powerful your Android device is right? This app lets you do that. It carries out tests on your device, working out how your device stacks up against other Android devices out there.

If you have any other suggested apps for rooted users make sure to leave them in the comments below!