StreamZoo, The Best Instagram Alternative for Android & iOS


StreamZoo, The Best Instagram Alternative for Android & iOS

Instagram as people will know is taking its time coming over to the Android platform from iOS. With it literally creating a whole new social network on picture sharing, it has become one of the most popular apps on the iOS platform.

StreamZoo is here to compete and it's already filled a whole which Instagram has yet to do, an Android version. StreamZoo works just like Instagram but it lets both iOS and Android users share their pictures on the same network.

Like Instagram you can add filters, borders and other enhancements to transform your boring photos. One feature which it has that Instagram does not is the hashtag streams. They're streams of a particular type of pictures which you can follow and will update in real time. It's like how you get Flickr photo groups where anyone and everyone can add pictures to a pool.

It's an app I'll be using simply because anyone can sign up and start taking and submitting great pictures.