Spotify Now Gives You 6 Months Free


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Spotify has now changed its policy on new users who sign up to their service. Instead of the 10 hour limit of music listening every month, you now get 6 months of free continuous usage of the service. Which means you can listen to music as much as you like, whenever you like.

Here is what Spotify said to Pocket-Lint:

If you’ve had your Spotify Open account for less than six months, you’ll discover that your time cap has gone. And it’ll stay gone until your account reaches its six-month birthday. Enjoy the extra music.

If you’ve had your Spotify Open account for more than six months, you’ll still be limited by time. As you’ve been with us for a while, the chances are you also enjoyed a six-month period without time limits when you first joined.

With the new change you can only listen to the music on your PC and will still have ads show up but how can you say no to 6 months of free music?