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Shocking AMD - Codemasters DiRT 3 Leak

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Shocking AMD - Codemasters DiRT 3 Leak

It's pretty much the top gaming news of the week so far, redeemable Steam codes for the fantastic racer DiRT 3 have been leaked in their masses. Originally the codes were exclusively available for AMD GPU purchases from between June-August. While the total number of codes isn't known, the highest report is 3 million while the lowest, still a considerably high 25,000.

The unknown source announced that the codes weren't encrypted and were freely available in text files on a public access server. It has even been rumoured that the codes were deliberately leaked as a stunt to pull in more future sales through increased publicity. Anyhow, if you dare to risk the life of your Steam account by redeeming the codes, just do a quick Google search and you'll easily come up with something.

While the issue is worked on, Codemasters' have taken down their redemption site for customers who have bought a GPU from them.