Orange Claims To Be UK's Lowest Priced Unlimited Broadband

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Orange Claims To Be UK's Lowest Priced Unlimited Broadband

Orange UK have come out with a bold claim saying they are the UK's lowest priced unlimited broadband provider.

With broadband prices in the UK very high compared to other countries UK residents are always trying to look for the cheapest but at the same time most useful.

With Orange, UK residents are able to sign up for a 12 month deal that will only cost £5 a month. For that you will get up to 20mbps broadband and unlimited usage. However on top of that you will have to pay for line rental which is £12.75, you also get unlimited evening and weekend calls with the line rental.

If you're willing to spend another £10 on top you'll get unlimted calls to landlines any time.

Here is what the director of marketing and propositions at Orange said:

Although financially times are tough, we believe that everyone should have access to the best value deals in the market, irrespective of where they live.

That’s why despite other providers raising the price of their overall packages, we’re actually offering the best priced plans we can to our customers right across the nation.

Also with the deal, Orange pay monthly customers will get free WiFi access to over 200,000 spots around the UK.