OnLive Android & iPad Controllers Coming Soon

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OnLive Android & iPad Controllers Coming Soon

If you've been coming up with OnLive, the cloud based gaming system, you will have heard that it was recently released over here in the UK. With the launch there were server overloads which people may see as a bad thing but it shows that a lot of users received the new gaming system well.

There have been Android and iPad apps for OnLive for a while now but they only let you watch gameplay, not let you play from the devices. However, the vice president behind OnLive has revealed that we will be able to play OnLive games right on our tablets without the need for a TV. You just connect the OnLive controller via Bluetooth to your tablet and you're ready to play on your tablet. This also gives you the ability to literally carry around your whole gaming system where ever.

Here is what the vice president, John Spinale, said:

We're in the process of revving our controller, which will be coming out this Fall, to work with a low latency Bluetooth protocol so that it'll work on the tablets

It's the one thing that we thought that was missing; a console gaming experience on a tablet. You can play games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution with touch, which is sort of mind bending. But you realise that some of those games are great with touch, and some of them don't do particular well.

This is going to blow people's minds. Using a dual analogue stick to play high-end console games on a tablet.

As a gamer, it makes me happy that I can take my tablet and my controller, stick them in my bag, and take all my games with me.

We've done a lot of heavy lifting to get to this point right now. But the slogging part's done, and now this is the fun part.