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Everyone wants to make money online right? Well one way which you can make money online is by starting your own website.

There are a number of steps which you will need to carry out when starting a website.

  1. Choose a topic, something you know a lot about and are obsessed with. The more you love about it the better. Being in a particular niche where there are not many sites related to it can boost your website even more. You have to love the topic you choose. If you don't people aren't going to take you seriously.
  2. Choose a good website maker. If you want to blog or have a web magazine like mine, use WordPress. It's definitely the best out there. There are plugins for everything and you can heavily customize your site to make it look the way you want. If you're looking for specific features WordPress will probably have a plugin for it.
  3. Choose a domain. Choose a domain relevant to you because it will be part of your brand. Make sure it's sweet and short so people can remember it and can type it quickly into their web browser. Head over to HostGator to make choose your domain.
  4. Choose a host. The best host without a shadow of a doubt is HostGator. I use HostGator to host UltraLinx. They have got the best value for money deals out there and guarantee 99.9% uptime. Even if you don't get the 99.9% uptime they will give you your money back, I should know, it's happened to me. If you've bought a plan for 12 months and have decided 2 months in you want to move host or cancel, they will give you the money back for the 10 months you haven't used. So it's worth giving them a try because you won't be losing out on anything. They have a live chat system so if you're having any trouble they will go beyond the call of duty to help you. Also there is a one click WordPress install system, you don't have to do anything and within minutes you will have a site up and running. For discounts on HostGator you can look at my HostGator Coupon list.
  5. Dedication. Like in everything in life, if you want to achieve something great, it requires dedication and motivation. You've got to be willing to put your heart and soul into it. It will mean giving up parts of your social life, giving up going out on a Friday night with your mates and instead, working on your site.

If you get the 5 steps mixed together right and keep at it, over time you will succeed. I see a lot of people saying "that's it I'm going to start a website and make money", 2 months down the line they've already given up. Building a successful website can take years in 99% of cases. Unless you have an idea like Facebook you aren't going to be making millions within a few months. There is no easy way to make money but if you keep at it and really devote yourself towards it you will succeed.

You might be thinking "but where is the bit where I actually make money?", that is coming very soon so stay tuned by following me on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.