Living With Tech - HP Touchpad Review

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Living With Tech - HP Touchpad Review

Before you dismiss this as another review of yet another product, let me make the disclaimer that this is an anti-review. Most reviews dive into details of specifications and other details which are important to know; however, many users may be more interested into the day-to-day usage of devices. After all, we buy devices for practical purposes!


I was one of the lucky ones (or crazy ones) who made the scramble and succeeded in getting the HP Touchpad. It's been 2 weeks living with the tablet, and I've overclocked it and tweaked every ounce of performance out of it. I've made mistakes, restored it, and started anew. What a fine product I do say! As an owner of Android and iOS devices, I have become partial to the superior multitasking abilities of webOS. Sure, my device has been overclocked and modified, but I believe this is actually needed for one to unlock the full potential of their device. While I won't cover the how-to's of modifying webOS, it is drastically easier than jailbreaking iOS, or rooting/installing ROMS on Android.


One thing that is unique about the webOS is it's deep integration with many cloud services and email accounts. HP calls this "Synergy." Opening up Quickoffice HD, which comes free with the Touchpad and has support for viewing Powerpoints and editing Excel and Word documents, I can instantly access files from my pad, Dropbox, as well as Google Docs. This is fantastic for me- I keep my college semester files in Dropbox, allowing me to easily access them from my phone as well as any web browser. With Synergy, I can now add my Touchpad to the list, and access my documents with eas! There is full support for Google Docs as well, and that is yet another benefit. The built-in support for cloud syncing and document editing makes the Touchpad a venerable contender from the first boot. Comparing this with my dad's iPad 2, which has no built-in document viewing and editing, makes my device even better.

The other features of the Touchpad are well integrated too. The front-facing cam is utilized by the Messaging App that allows video calls with Skype and chats with AOL. The functional and feature-filled Facebook app is not designed by Facebook, but by HP themselves. One cool feature of the app is a magazine-style view of the newsfeeds


I also appreciate the USB Mass Storage Support. There's no need to sync photos- just drag them in! If you want more powerful song management, use Doubletwist to sync iTunes playlist and libraries.

I never thought I would own a tablet. I thought (and still think) it is still a niche product. However, for the price that I paid, the Touchpad was a purchase I could not pass on. Sure, the app selection for webOS remains small, but all the essential apps are there for general productivity needs. I will be holding out for future ports of Android. It's going to be good!