JPEGmini, Put Your Pictures On A Diet

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JPEGmini, Put Your Pictures On A Diet

JPEGmini is a new start up company launching a web service which puts your pictures on diet but at the same time keeping image quality. It can compress a picture by up to 5 times, while keeping the pictures quality and resolution.

JPEGmini expresses the fact that it compresses bigger pictures better than small ones. Usually pictures which are 8MP and higher can be compressed by up to 5 times. So the smaller the resolution of your image, the less compression.

All pictures will keep metadata so you don't have to worry about it losing information about the picture.

The service lets you upload folders so you can compress many images at once. One main problem behind this is that a big batch of 8MP pictures will take a while to upload, however the guys behind the service are in the process of making a deskop app so you don't have to upload many pictures at once.

The devs have also confirmed they are working on API which will allow use in other websites and apps.

A service like this can bring many benefits such as fitting a lot more images on a hard disk drive, on your mobile phone or on the web. You can pack all those Vegas images in one place now ;)