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INQ Facebook Apps Free in Market

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INQ Facebook Apps Free in Market

INQ, the creator of the one of the first Facebook-orientated devices, has released their personalised Facebook widget client on the Android Market to make it available to all devices.

The INQ Facebook experience consists of three applications; Social Sync, which automatically synchronises Facebook information in the background to keep all of your content up-to-date; Widget Suite, to allow you to easily access all your friends latest updates and your important information instantly, on the go; People, a simple app  which allows you to see the recent activities of your top friends- up to twenty-five.

Overall, this experience is just what I believe many users of the Facebook for Android application are looking for- not necessarily more functionality, but a new, sleeker design.  The news feed widget is a great improvement when compared to the official Facebook widget; you would hope that being able to see media posts was not limited to the INQ application. The feed widget was designed to bring content to the users' eyes first, not the name of the person who posted the content like other applications.

INQ Facebook Apps Free in Market
INQ Facebook Apps Free in Market

With these applications- those at the heart of the INQ Cloud Touch device- now freely available on the Android Market for all devices, we can perhaps assume that INQ has decided not to put all their effort into shipping devices, but creating the best user experiences; after all, this is what we want.

If you would like to find out more about INQ and their devices, visit their website. You can find all INQ's social applications on their page in the Android Market- here.

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