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HTC Sense 3.5 On The HTC Desire HD

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HTC Sense 3.5 On The HTC Desire HD

Desire HD fans rejoice, the clever chaps on XDA have managed to bring the latest version of HTC Sense, 3.5, to the 'legacy' Desire HD. But how exactly? A ROM for the upcoming HTC Bliss was leaked and has been ported over to the Desire HD. This means you get both Android 2.3.4 and also Sense 3.5.

As with many ports it's not entirely functional, for instance bluetooth does not work, but with more time and developers working on the ROM, there's a chance that all the standard phone features will be functional in the near future. Due to the ROMs limited functionality it's only recommended for experts (or people who know what they're doing to attempt to install it). It's a real shame that HTC end update support for their devices pretty much as soon as a new model is released.

Download on XDA or grab it in ROM Manager!