How To Enable Spotify Private Listening for Facebook


How To Enable Spotify Private Listening for Facebook

As you probably noticed if you are a Spotify or Facebook user, the songs you play on Spotify now appear on your profile - and Timeline- which can occasionally be embarrassing. After receiving thousands of complaints, Spotify finally decided to allow you to keep your uncool lullabies to yourself.

Spotify called the new feature implemented  'Private Listening'. It allows users to temporarily disable sharing on Facebook. The new feature was announced by Spotify on their Twitter account;

Now you can temporarily hide your guilty pleasures. We call it "Private listening" and you can find it in the Spotify/File menu.

Activating Private Listening is as simple as Spotify say. Head into Spotify/File menu and activate Private Listening; done!

Surely this will gain Spotify back some credibility they may have lost by making a Facebook account compulsory in order to sign up to Spotify.

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