Google Plus Android & iOS App Major Updates

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Following the opening of Google+ to be free from invites, the Android app has also had a few major improvements. Here's a run down of the big changes:

Google Plus Android & iOS App Major Updates

1. Hangouts on mobile (iOS coming soon) - everyone's favourite video call service is now available on your device (if you phone has video support). Unfortunately you can't seem to be able to create a new hangout, but instead can only join active ones. A possible future feature perhaps?

Google Plus Android and iOS app udpates

2. SMS Updates - you can now post via SMS, as well as respond to group messages and receive updates. You will need to verify your phone number with Google, so it's not great if you consider your privacy. That said, Google already know just about everything about you.

3. You can now easily '+ mention' people in your posts, just like on the desktop browser version.

4. +1 comments (coming soon to Android) - You can now +1 comments directly in the stream

Google plus Android and iOS app updates

5. Profile Picture - You can now take a new profile picture (using the devices camera) directly from within the app, and then set it.

6. Tailor Notifications - Instead of seeing all your Google+ notifications, you can fine tune which notifications you see. Are you a big shot who gets hundreds of new followers a day? Perhaps you want to stop getting hammered with following messages. It's now easy to choose what you want to see.

7. SD - If you're running Android 2.2 Froyo or above you can now move the app to SD using the Android native method; no need for rooting or other modifications. This is a special plus because the latest update considerably increases the apps size.

Google Plus Android and iOS App updates

8.  Huddle renamed - Huddle is now renamed to messenger. Along with this you can also share photos. The new name is a definite plus as it makes is clearer to new users what (huddles) it is. If built into future Android versions it could definitely compete with Facebook Messenger and possibly even BBM.

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