Google Chrome Updates 'New Tab' Page


Google Chrome Updates 'New Tab' Page

All modern web browsers (with tabs) make an effort to make the 'new tab' page as functional as possible, filling the white aether with bookmarks, apps, history, closed tabs and the like. Unfortunately, in recent times, this screen has become cluttered and you can easily become overwhelmed by the masses of information.

In the latest Google Chrome Beta, 15, you can try out Google's way of keeping all the  content you love on your 'New Tab' page in a cleaner style.

Google Chrome Beta 15 Redesigned New Tab page

This is done by using 3 separate 'New Tab' pages which can easily be switched  between.

  1. Most Visited - Similar to the current Google Chrome New Tab page. Shows your most frequently viewed sites, minus those you have hidden. Now with funky coloured underlining on the previews
  2. Apps - This is currently accessible from the New Tab page, however in doing so you will hide you frequently viewed sites. These are your apps, downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. In the new layout just go to the second page by pressing the right of the screen, or by pressing the button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Bookmarks - The third page; essentially this is an alternative view of your bookmarks bar - currently displayed at the very top of the New Tab page.
Google Chrome Beta 15 Redesigned New Tab page

There is also the option to create you own custom new tab pages. Simply by dragging a bookmark or app to the bottom bar, you can create a new page - useful for the grouping of similar bookmarks and apps.

While I prefer this new layout: there's a lot more screen 'real-estate' and you get bigger previews of sites and icons of downloaded apps, I do have one peeve. To access recently closed tabs, you must first press to open a menu and then select a closed tab. While it doesn't take much longer, and probably doesn't affect many people, I would like to see it changed in future versions, if not in the final release.

Download the Google Chrome Beta to try it now!