Gimme Bar - Sign Up Quickly, 1 Day Left Of Open BETA!

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Gimme Bar - Sign Up Quickly, 1 Day Left Of Open BETA!

Gimme Bar is a service which is here to change how you save stuff on the web. Usually when you want to look at something later you will bookmark or add to your favourites. Gimme Bar does this differently, it literally saves the content to your own personal library from which you can access all your saved content.

You can then organize all your content, put it into categories like "inspiration" or "research".

You can share all your content on social networks so friends and family can access them from wherever.

Probably one of the greatest feature is the ability to save everything to your Dropbox so you can access it from wherever.

One great advantage I see from something like this is the ability to access content from a site which may be down or literally taken off the internet. It lets you access it in a secure place as well and you don't have to keep going back to the original source. Saving loading times and creating offline access to your saved content.

The video below explains it a lot better.

Gimme Bar is currently in BETA stage and is open to public for today only so sign up quick before it's too late!

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