Ford Evos Concept, The Car For Geeks

Geeks alike, we have our own car…well not yet but it’s a concept. This Aston Martin look a like is hybrid car which has a mind of its own, literally.

The car is always connected to the “cloud” so it learns you, your daily habits, how you drive the car, what you do in the car, keeps giving you information on the traffic ahead and what the weather is like.  It is able to pick up from where you left off on a song and seamlessly play it when you get into your house. The car also adjusts handling, heating, cooling and music to suit how alert the driver is, trying to prevent them from going to sleep.

One of the coolest features of the car is its ability to heat or cool the car before you get into it, you will never have to be too cold or too hot when you get into the car. The car kind of becomes your personal assistant.

The looks are striking, reminds me of an Aston Martin a lot.

Ford Evos

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